Thursday, September 9, 2010

Things are starting to look up!

Well I haven’t written in a while, no reason for it, just didn’t have much to say!!! But on August 30th, we got 3 pieces of amazing news that have made all the stresses worth it!

Firstly, Chris kicked his PT test’s arse! The AF recently introduced new standards that made the PT tests harder. They increased the number of push ups & sit ups that they have to do in a minute, made the run time shorter & made the waist measurement smaller. Also, now if you fail one section, you automatically fail the whole test. As my husband is a bigger guy, we were a little worried before the test. However, he scored 88, the highest in his whole career…..can you say proud?!!

Second, we found out that we will be getting a ton of backpay and extra pay every paycheck. We can now pay off some of our debt, I am so happy! This will really help us start saving money for our PCS.

Thirdly (and most importantly), we got our assignment!!!!!!!! We are going to RAF Molesworth, England in May 2011. I burst into tears when Chris told me – I’m going home! More than anything, it was a huge relief. We now don’t have to worry about getting my immigration stuff sorted for the US for a while, and its a fairly simple process to bring Toby with us We will be there for 3 or 4 years, not quite sure yet.

Chris is away next week touring around France, Belgium & Germany to see WW2 sites – so jealous! Hopefully, this will be the last time for a little while that Chris will be away! We miss him so much when he is gone!

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